mercoledì 15 ottobre 2008

E' ora di fare l'inventario dei processi

Scrive Jim Sinur sul suo blog in Gartner:

"I was listening to the opening session at the Gartner Symposium, here in Florida, and there was a big theme around how to deal with the economic uncertainties we are seeing at the moment. One of the speakers said that it was time to delete applications as these are times to trim down and look for belt tightening opportunities It occurred to me that there are probably as many or more processes in an organization as there are applications once you drill down to a detail level.

Business process improvement efforts are often aimed at optimizing for cost savings within a process and/or innovative new processes, but there my gut tells me there are costs savings to be gleaned by getting rid of processes and/or standardizing on common processes. It also seems to me that some of the same application portfolio best practices could be applied to process in order to save money going forward. It’s pretty easy to do a high level process value evaluation and follow the scent of non value added sub processes aScreenShot126nd look for processes to trim. This seems like an obvious place to start our cost savings journey needed going forward into 2009."

Bene quale strumento migliore di Blueprint di Lombardi per fare questo inventario?

Provatelo gratis qui.

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