venerdì 15 maggio 2009

Commenti su Teamworks 7

Riprendo dal Blog di Lombardi:

It’s hard to describe how excited we are about the launch of Teamworks 7 at Lombardi. The excitement isn’t just about the big-picture value it will bring - it is about the advancements we have made in this release will make a difference to the people that are building processes in Teamworks day after day. Let me give you a few examples.

We’ve made it easier for authors that are just beginning to use Teamworks. How many times have you installed a new software product that gave you overwhelming numbers of buttons and menu options while providing no insight in how to use it?

The Authoring Environment in Teamworks 7 is redesigned to remove a lot of the noise and early confusion without losing the features that power authors need. You can see this from the completely new skin, simplified menus, and the way that Teamworks automatically organizes your process assets.

In addition, all authors now build their process assets within the context of one process app (project) at a time, which ensures that no one is changing assets that aren’t related to their projects.

There are a considerable number of changes we made to simplify some of the common authoring tasks while matching current best practices within the Teamworks community. For example, we simplified the way that integrations to external systems work by removing the need to create separate integration definition and connector components.

We have also introduced Teamworks Service types, including Human Services, Integration Services, Rule Services, and several others. This helps authors from making modeling mistakes like placing a service intended for human interaction into a system swimlane. We have also enhanced the data mapping capabilities to allow you to change activity implementations without having to redo your input/output data mappings.

We also added a lot of great new features that help new and experienced users alike. Many of these features like back-in-time, toolkits, and automated deployment are highlighted on our website, so please take a look there to see some examples of how these work. Our focus in adding these new features was to make sure that we added them in a way that makes sense for BPM and a model-driven architecture. We didn’t just bolt-on a version control system and tools designed to manage text-based code; we completely rethought how to manage changes to your process model as your processes evolve in a way that preserves the ability to build and iterate quickly.

Many of the features in Teamworks 7 were designed and built by people that have been on implementation teams for BPM projects and understand the challenges that many of you face each day. We think this release marks a major step forward BPM and for the experience of those that build processes every day. Let us know what you think.

Leggete nel link (mark a major step forward BPM) cosa dice Phil Gilbert nel suo blog.

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