sabato 5 febbraio 2011

I blogger più influenti sul BPM

  • Bruce Silver: Bruce is the daddy of BPMN, has been in the business for years and knows BPMN like the back of his hand (he should do - he helped write it)
  • Jim Sinur: He's been with Global360 and Gartner and he is the industry analyst for the BPM sector. His writing is often formal and rigid, but that doesn't take away from the value of his contents.
  • Adam Deane: Witty, sometimes caustic, but always on the money. Posts quite regularly. Always worth a read, especially his weekly roundup of the best BPM Quotes.
  • Sandy Kemsley: One of three women on the list. She attends and presents a lot at BPM conferences around the world and always has some useful insight into the latest movements in the BPM market. Her blog is 'Column 2'
  • The Process Ninja: He's Australian based and blogs about real-life applications of process. I look forward to his posts.
  • Connie Moore: The Forrester analyst for BPM and the other woman on the list. Finger on the pulse, covers the industry and the general BPM environment.
  • Thomas Olbrich. A German who blogs in English and German and who wrote my favourite BPM blog entry ever.
  • Keith Swenson's blog is a must-read: he writes thoughtful and informative posts on BPM and ACM (adaptive case management) that often inspire long conversations in the comments, and manages to do so without pushing his own company's products.
  • Elise Olding : Blogs with Gartner (alongside Jim Sinur). Also active in the Twitter community.
  • Max Pucher. I find his opinions and attitudes very contrary to popular thought. But that doesn't mean he's wrong. A contrary opinion is always useful for provoking discussion.
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    Anonimo ha detto...

    Mi permetto di segnalare anche Marco Brambilla, ricercatore del Politecnico di Milano, molto attivo nell'ambito BPM

    Giorgio Anselmetti ha detto...

    Grazie (anonimo ??) lo terrò presente, non lo conoscevo.


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