mercoledì 26 marzo 2008

BPM hall of Fame

Bruce Silver sul suo blog sta lanciando una Hall of Fame del BPM e tra le prime nomination ecco il "nostro" Phil Gilbert con questa motivazione

"Phil Gilbert. BPMN’s power comes from the fact that its shapes and symbols are intelligible to business, yet expressive and precise enough to serve as the “abstract” definition of executable process solutions. But lacking support for human tasks, subprocesses, and looping back to previous activities in the flow, BPEL turned out to be an imperfect runtime companion for BPMN. Fulfilling the promise of business-empowered implementation actually required a “BPMN engine,” but no BPMS vendor had one. As CTO (now President) of Lombardi, Phil Gilbert elected to break his own shipping product and build one. That’s either nuts or brilliant, but Lombardi’s Teamworks has emerged as the first and best realization of BPM’s promise of business-empowered implementation based on standards and business-IT collaboration"

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