lunedì 19 maggio 2008

Sempre dal Finalcial Times

Altro articolo su Finalcial Times: Teamworks di Lombardi utile per applicazioni CEP (Complex Event Processing).

CEP, business activity monitoring and business process management are spreading well beyond the financial services industries, however. Phil Gilbert, president of Lombardi, a specialist USbased BPM software group, says the company has been working with Dell Computer for several years.
"With Fedex and UPS we are co-ordinating Dell's global computer shipments," he says. "We receive real-time feeds from third-party logistics carriers for the status of every single shipment.ScreenShot009
"The moment any of those goes into a 'distressed' state, the software fires off a dispatch in real time to people in the call centre based on who the customer is and in what geography. Humans can then deal with the exception and ensure the computer is delivered. Over the course of the past four or five years, this has saved Dell hundreds of millions of dollars."

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