mercoledì 28 marzo 2007

Crescita del mercato BPMs

Nel recente Gartner Summit a Londra sono stati dati molto interessanti; la prima citazione dice:

"that BPMS will be among the fastest growing software markets over the next five years: from $1B this year to $2.6B in 2011 The key issues are globalization, the increasing importance of the consumer and the change in the dynamics of business as the Internet rises in importance."

Mentre la seconda dice:

"In a survey found that companies expected to spend 22% of their IT budgets this year on SOA, Web services, and Web 2.0 initiatives. Because BPM is a major reason for turning to SOA, companies are likely to target some of their SOA software spending to BPMS,"

che devo dire di altro? speriamo che gli stessi trend valgano anche in Italia!!!!

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Anonimo ha detto...

Technology truly has become completely integrated to our existence, and I am fairly confident when I say that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Ethical concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further advances, the possibility of copying our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about almost every day.

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Anonimo ha detto...

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