martedì 17 giugno 2008

Nuova versione di Blueprint

Riprendo dal blog di Lombardi l'annuncio della nuova versione di Blueprint (vi ricordo che si può iniziare ad utilizzare gratis Blueprint registrandosi qui):

""Today I’m proud to announce the availability of the Summer ‘08 release of Blueprint! In the Spring ‘08 release, we delivered what we feel is the best process diagramming tool on the market, online or off. Over the last two months we’ve focused on improving the “other half” of process documentation — the standards and procedures, narratives, and data that make up the details that live behind the picture of the process. Let’s take a look at the improvements in depth:

  • Rich Wiki Editing Of Process Documentation: Blueprint now provides a rich, wiki-style experience for filling out the details of your process. You can link to external documents, embed images, and format your documentation any way you please. Already have something written up in Microsoft Word? No problem. Just paste it in and we’ll leverage what you’ve already done.

  • Printable Documentation View: Once you’ve gotten all of your standard procedures entered into Blueprint, you need to be able to effectively leverage them. You can now generate an attractive printed version of your documentation with a click of the “print” button.
  • Improved Process Details: We’ve take the process details pop up windows and completely revamped them to improve their usability. We think you’ll find them much easier to both edit and use to present your content. And they look great too!
  • Process Data Export to Excel: Once you’ve entered your data into Blueprint, it’s important to be able to leverage it in any way you see fit. Now you can export your process data in a tabular format to Excel so you can slice and dice it, create PivotTables, or just share it with your friends in the finance department.
  • Improved Diagram Layout: In the past, we wasted countless hours in Visio making sure our boxes and lines were all straight on our process diagrams. With Blueprint all of that tedious layout work is handled for us automatically. In this release, we’ve made some tweaks here and there to make your diagrams look better than ever.

We’re constantly working to improve Blueprint. Try out the new release and send us some feedback. Your input helps us shape our future releases and enables us to build the best tool possible for your needs. And if you don’t already have an account, make sure you sign up today!""

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